Jitterbug Phones

Jitterbug phones are nothing like other phones Mexico Mobile Database available from other providers. They are truly unique with their simplicity and for the good reason. The targeted group for Jitterbug phones and plans are senior citizens who have pretty clear requirements. They need it to act more like a regular phone than cell phone because of its convenience.

Regarding convenience, very important fact for senior citizens is that Jitterbug phones are large and simple. The trend of cell phones getting more and more reduced in size and their functions expanding, did not pay much attention to the older individuals needs, who cannot adjust to those kinds of cell phones. That is why the only two buttons “Yes” and “No” on these phones and a 10 digit keypad made all the difference for them. The buttons are big and bright, text that appears on the screen is very easy to see and the volume is crystal clear. These phones also come complete with 24 hour, live operator assistance in case that there is a need for placing calls or adding individuals to a users personalized phone list. This service is valuable but should be obtained carefully as you use up five minutes of your prepaid time each time. A live nurse access is available for additional cost of 4 dollars a month.

Regarding the monthly payment, Jitterbug phones come with the flexible plans (the plan can be switched at any time with no hidden charges) that start with as low as 14.99 dollars a month for 50 minutes. However, the initial cost, the actual cost of the phone is 147 dollars with what some customers were unhappy but most of them found that for that price they get exactly what they need. What is the use of the cheaper phone with other providers when they are not practical to them? This way they are paying for what they need.

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