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19 things you should NOT do on Twitter

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19 things you should NOT do on Twitter

This list is based on my personal experiences, on everything that I have read and Twitter has shown me over time. Like everything, for color tastes, and maybe some of these things you do not consider bad. They have no order, so do not be scared with the first ones, they are not the most serious. Do not reply to all the tweets, you will fill the timeline of your followers and if they are not really useful things, they will soon unfollow you. Say whatever comes to your mind: Twitter is public and therefore, as in all social networks, everything you say is exposed to your bosses and your family seeing it, which could cause you more than one problem. Do not tweet something United-Arab-Emirates Mobile Database super interesting without sending an image or a link, your followers will not find out about anything. Reply to messages. Whether from yesterday or a few hours ago, you should not leave messages unanswered. Always give credit: credit the original tweeter. If you see that a Tweet has many RT’s and you don’t know who to delete from that list, be brave, everyone except the first and last. The first because he is the one who “discovered” the news, the last because he is your source. Do not tell your personal life: I understand that you like to say that you have eaten a very good apple, or that you are at home playing music with your grandmother … but, understand, your followers are not very interested. It is not serious that you do it, since surely you have many friends on Twitter and a friend will never care, but, think about those who are not your friends, they will unfollow you if you only tweet this type of thing.

Not having a profile picture or your completed profile: if people don’t know you, why are they going to add you? They do not know who you are, so help them to know a little more about you and put your photo, write the personal information and obviously write your full name. Do not spark your tweets: Twitter is above all a tool to share and have fun. If you spend all day complaining and telling boring things, you will not achieve anything. Don’t follow anyone: I go black when I see users who have 10,000 followers and they don’t bother to follow anyone. Isn’t it nice to be grateful? Well, apply the story, Twitter is a conversation, and if you don’t read to anyone, what conversation is that? Are you such an ego-guru that no one deserves to be followed? Just talking about your things and your blog: it’s fine, but no one is going to retweet you if you never Brother Cell Phone List retweet, it’s like wanting them to comment on your blog when you don’t comment on others. Ask to be added as a friend: although you see little, it exists. You can’t go “bothering” people by saying they add you, they will add you if they deem it appropriate, or is it that you go to a bank shouting “put in the money”?Use Twitter from time to time: it is fine to detox from time to time, but Twitter is a tool that encourages constant use, trying to follow the thread of conversations as much as possible. If you use Twitter once a week, you will not see it as useful and you will not take advantage of it either. Follow someone just to get new followers: do not be false, do not try to get more followers with the old trick of following everyone, most of the people already know each other and they will not follow you back.

Try to win hard for people to follow you. Stop following someone when they follow you: if it was you who started following a tweeter, why stop following him when he follows you? Not following someone who has bothered to help you: one of the things that annoy me the most is when I take the trouble to help someone and he doesn’t even flinch, not a thank you, not a follower, not a retweet … Be grateful, what if You think that user is not worth following, at least thank him. Using Twitter just to ask for help or advice: It’s okay to ask for help and advice from time to time, but that won’t always work for you. Twitter will get you out of trouble in less than 10 minutes (well, it depends on you and your users), but if you abuse, no one may help you again. Post 3 links: one arrives, and if you need to say something else, use another tweet. I find it quite confusing when I see a tweet with 3 links. Do not specify what is being tweeted: unless you have 10 million followers, which I doubt, specify what you are sharing about, do not just put a link or a “Great”, because, without context, few people will visit your link. Do not post links that do not work: verify that your link or image works before sending it … How many times do I see retweets of things that do not lead anywhere, watch out for this. I hope it helped you! And if you don’t understand anything I’ve posted here, don’t miss our basic tips for beginners on Twitter.

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