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“Getting wrong” in networks is already a marketing strategy: This brand used it for the Good End

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“Getting wrong” in networks is already a marketing strategy: This brand used it for the Good End

It has been proven time and again that brands, even the most prepared on the market, are not free to make mistakes in their marketing strategy. Especially when it comes to periods as intense and frenetic as the Good End. But there comes a time when everyone in the audience wonders if the mistakes are really sincere mistakes or just one more tactic to attract attention. The ideal example comes, curiously, from Mineros de Zacatecas. The soccer team, almost a day ago, published a promotion for the Good End on its official Facebook page. Specifically, the launch of its jerseys official for children as part of the “Miner Discount Week”. But instead of a more Vietnam Phone Number List fit publication, as a formal marketing strategy should be, it seems that the community manager (CM) did not put any particular effort. And, instead of writing a copy, he just pasted the instructions. Many users and fans of the football club commented on the publication with fun. Several criticized the CM for not doing its job well. Others assured that it was very likely that the community would lose their job after the mistake. Some more accused Mineros de Zacatecas and its network coordinator of using the old trusty strategy of ” shitpost .” The post has not been removed, edited, or recognized by the soccer team in a subsequent comment. There is a very clear parallel between this publication by Mineros and the “mistake” that the official account made a few months ago at Disney in Latin America. The CM of the official Twitter profile also published the full instructions of the marketing strategy, revealing the launch date of Disney +.

At the time, the movement went viral and caused several users and fans of the brand not only to comment on the information but also on its peculiar context. But on that occasion, as in this Mineros publication, there is a real possibility that the “error” is not legitimate. According to Crowdspring, there is a growing interest in brands to convey authenticity to the public. That is, to appear less corporate and give the marketing strategy a more human touch. There is really nothing the general audience can relate to more than an embarrassing blunder in public. To this must be added that these types of innocent “mistakes” have always generated a lot of noise in the media. A similar mistake by McDonald’s in 2017 was up by picked Mashable, which helped put the brand in the spotlight. This same article is an example of all the attention that this type of Phone Number List marketing “strategy” can give to companies. And when it comes to such simple and easy mistakes, you really don’t risk affecting your image. It would be naive to say that only Mineros de Zacatecas and Disney seem to choose to purposely give wrong messages on social media. A clear example was Warner Brothers Mexico, which decided to make fun of the Disney + error with a tweet just hours after that of its rival went viral. However, some users ended up criticizing the company for not knowing how to get on the trend correctly. Other strategies seem to be more effective. Although it is not the same, you can also talk about the constant leaks that many brands suffer in the technology sector. A notable example is Google’s Pixel 4 which, last year, became one of the most anticipated releases of the year. In large part, due to the fact that a marketing strategy was executed that seemed to be based on constant unofficial leaks about its characteristics. That is, generate noise as a result of “errors”.

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