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Mobile Devices, Social Commerce and Digital Content Among the Digital Marketing Trends for 2011

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Mobile Devices, Social Commerce and Digital Content Among the Digital Marketing Trends for 2011

The creative marketing agency Strange has presented a report in which it analyzes the trends in the field of digital marketing that will mark the coming year. The study points to 2011 as a year in which a greater convergence of media and digital content is shown. Proof of this is the launch of web TV products that large companies such as Google, Apple, Sony, or YouView Vietnam Mobile Database will present, and that will open up new online advertising opportunities. In addition to this, Microsoft has announced the launch of Xbox Live TV for the youngest and most gamer public and Facebook will surprise with Facebook TV.

Another of the conclusions of the study is that social commerce will continue to grow and this development will be helped by functions such as Facebook Credits and social commerce sites such as Groupon. Consumers will act in two ways, acquiring products online or they start the purchase process through these sites. The sales through mobile devices were also significantly increased in 2011 due to two reasons, the first is the increase of users with Brother Cell Phone List smartphones on the market and increased confidence to make secure payments via mobile. The study shows that one of the trends for the coming year is that analytical systems will evolve to provide information on not only what the user is doing on the internet but also why. Thanks to social media, human emotions and behaviors can be predicted, which will make marketing departments know their consumers much better.

As has been the case in recent years, data protection, privacy, and information security on the web will continue to be one of the topics of debate for next year and the European Commission will make every effort to protect these user rights. Finally, the report highlights that traditional media continue to try to get users to pay for their content, something that does not end up catching on and that is causing large publishing groups to rethink their strategies to achieve benefits in another way.

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