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Smartphones Versus Christmas, Smartphones vs. Christmas Cards

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Smartphones Versus Christmas, Smartphones vs. Christmas Cards

Now that Christmas is coming, it is traditional to send congratulations and Christmas that, if we recapitulate a little, we will remember that not so many years ago they were only sent by postal mail, with the irruption of the internet, emails with Uruguay Mobile Database congratulations appeared more or less elaborated from images from flat to interactive congratulations, in flash with movement, customizable postcards, or that so famous video of the Three Wise Men congratulating the children of a toy brand on Christmas. Since the appearance of email and SMS, the traffic of Christmas cards by post has been reduced by more than 50% in the most advanced countries.

Now that smartphones are triumphing and there is even speculation about the effect they have on the volume of SMS sent, there is the 19% drop in sales by operators for 2010 in Spain. That is why I think that we must begin to wonder if the trend will not be more towards the appearance of applications and messages optimized to be received on smartphones. An example of this can be applications such as those that allow you to personalize the tones of the Brother Cell Phone List mobile with Christmas melodies, compilations of the best SMS to select from a list, prerecorded calls with the voice of Santa Claus, Baltasar, etc. or other more interactive ones such as: Rather, it seems that this is a still quite virgin market where there can be great opportunities for the most original and creative companies, you just have to think about the volume of money that moves markets such as the 300 million Euro SMS, Christmas cards, Lots and baskets …’

Your lottery ‘ for sending Christmas lottery we are one of those who share Christmas lottery participation with our friends and family, now we can do it easily from our iPhone.With the application “Your Lottery” we can forget to photocopy or scan our lottery tickets. Now it will be as easy as indicating the number, the series, the fraction, and the amount you want to give away. The participation that is generated can be sent by email, or through Facebook, MMS, or Twitter.

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