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This is how the Twitter subscription service would work, its new way of generating income

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This is how the Twitter subscription service would work, its new way of generating income

Even as one of the largest social networks in the world, Twitter does not have the same massive size as rivals such as Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and even Snapchat. This has prompted the company to seek additional ways to generate income from its captive population. One of these options is a subscription service, something you’ve been considering since last July. And according to Bloomberg, Jack Dorsey’s platform already has some plans. One of the subscription services Twitter is exploring is codenamed “Rogue One,” according to people close to the development of the project. Another plan would allow users to tip their favorite profiles in Chile Phone Numbers List exchange for exclusive content. The option of blocking various advanced features behind a paywall is also considered. For example, blocking access to Tweetdeck or creating systems such as “undo submission” and personalization utilities. According to Bloomberg, Twitter may share more details about its plans around underwriting systems Tuesday during its investor briefing. As part of a statement to the media, Bruck Falck, leader of Revenue Products on the social network, pointed out that these projects are still in a very early stage. He also pointed out that he does not expect to have really significant progress to report for the remainder of this current year. There are several reasons why Jack Dorsey’s company would agree to develop a subscription service for Twitter. The most important, according to Fusebill, would be the ability to have predictable income. Any company would be more comfortable with a recurring payment system than relying on sales that may or may not occur in the medium term.

This is especially important considering the network advertising environment. According to Statista, brand spending on social media is expected to grow compared to 2020. However, as also reports the same data platform, Twitter is a relatively minor player, compared to Facebook and Instagram. This, together with the fact that the number of users has been relatively stagnant since 2017, makes it necessary to find other income channels. But there are also downsides to subscriptions. According to The Social Element, the subscription system has proven to be successful in other industries, such as streaming. This could paint a good future Phone Number List for Twitter and other social networks that are encouraged to try this system. However, he also points out that it is a complex challenge for brands to achieve economic sustainability, especially if they are starting out. Jack Dorsey has the advantage of being consolidated, but it’s still a tough bet. Along with Twitter, other social networks are exploring the possibility of integrating payments to their platforms. A notable example is that of WeChat. The company announced more than a year ago that it would begin testing a content paywall system for some creators. The idea is that consumers could access the posts free, as always. But now each profile could block part of its production behind a recurring billing system. Although it is not a social network, the situation that got into Xbox a few days ago is relevant to the case of Twitter. The company gaming has its subscription system in Gold. However, he decided to raise the price of this plan in all its forms. The decision caused such outrage from consumers that Microsoft had to back down. Something that shows that users are starting to get a little tired of this business model and its abuses.

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